We have all heard of Uber, Airbnb, Airtasker – someone even said apparently we will be sharing kitchens soon, I don’t really cook – so it could be a thing for me.

What are the benefits of sharing?

By utilising partners to be able to deliver “on demand” IT professional services are a major plus in my opinion. Partner agreements also reduce cost, as you are only utilising services as you require them.

I know people don’t usually like change and everyone is raging about the new LinkedIn – but the truth is we will all get “use to” this and forget the platform ever changed.

The benefit of utilising partners is being able to call upon them as required. You don’t necessarily need to always have a huge software development engine, instead partner with people who have that area of expertise. This model makes sense from a risk perspective and dealing with people who are experts in that field. For example, I wouldn’t dare try to renovate my apartment, I would utilise the correct people to do the job. This also saves me a whole heap of time and allows me to do the things I should be doing, not Googling how to renovate a Sydney apartment.

As someone who is very delivery orientated, I like to solve problems and ensure I am bringing in the right “guns” for the job. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to do everything. Leverage partners as often as you can to utilise their area of expertise. You can actually ask them what their thoughts are, they have seen multiple engagements and will be able to provide a strategic approach to your problem.

So the next time you are trying to take requirements from your clients think about “potential” partners you can call upon to assist you with your delivery. I really enjoy chatting with people who aren’t necessarily in the same business as me, it adds a different dimension.

Remember, sharing is caring!

Keep on keepin’ on,