There have been times when I have been asked what I do for work and when I respond, people’s responses are rather extraordinary. A few things have definitely caught my attention though. I believe there is this false perception that technology is not the most “sexiest” industry, however, I beg to differ.

I like to show people the side they don’t often see about technology and how prevalent it is in our society.

When I first started working in a bank I had no idea how many people were actually required to make a bank operate, there are literally thousands! Sometimes we jump to conclusions quickly when we don’t understand something.

My belief is that in technology we have the ability to bring something to life through assisting a project to go live, advising boards on their security posture or ensuring the latest Apple device is awesome enough for young millennials to purchase.

There is always a perception that technologists are, all the same, the truth is we aren’t we are all different. Having a variety of individuals allows our economy to evolve and deliver unique and creative technologies day after day.

If you are considering a career in technology or looking to jump on board the cool kid’s train then I heavily encourage you to attend some local meet-ups or chat with someone, even reach out to them on LinkedIn – people are nicer than we think!

As a strong technology ambassador and someone who holds a lot of energy around this topic, what I like is that we have the potential to change and disrupt our market. We aren’t all like the stereotypical images many people have in their heads. More jobs are revolving around technology and a lot of roles are not necessarily technical.

Technology to me is actually cool because I get to see transformations being made, people’s minds are at ease knowing we (as technologists) can assist and solve their problems and of course the creativity element is my favourite one of all.

High five to all you technologists out there.

Keep on keepin’ on,