Sanoja’s Tech Journey

I have been lucky enough to work with Sanoja and she has been one of those people who will go out of their way even if it is really late at night. Sanoja will always go above and beyond. I do believe we need more people in our tech environments like Sanoja and it really inspired me to write about her and here is what she had to say…

Can you please explain to me what your day job is?

I am a Team Leader for an IT team which consists of 10 staff. I provide instructions, directions, guidance and support, to my team, so they can deliver outstanding customers service, as well as advance their career goals.

How long have you been working in your current role for?

Two years in this role, although I have eight years experience in leading a team.

Has your career gone the way in which you envisaged it? Why?

Yes, it has, I have had clear career goals that I’ve wanted to achieve and I believe to achieve your dreams you’ve got to be brave and just go for it!

What do you think is an important quality in a manager?

The ability to also be a mentor, to help you progress to bigger and better things.

What is lacking in technology market at the moment from your perspective?

An average person carries about 3-4 electronically devices a day, this may include phones, Ipad, work/personal laptops and maybe even a hand-held gaming console, why not have one small handy device that does everything for us, your viewing screen could be a wall of a transparent computer screen.

When you were younger and you imagined your job, is this the job you imagined? Why?

Yes, as I have grown up with computers and technology around be this became a passion of mine, which I turned into a career that I love.

Can you please explain to me the best holiday you have been on?

This would be my first overseas trip to Thailand for my Honeymoon

Are you the type of person to run outside and get an ice cream when you hear the ice cream van?

Of course, there is an inner child in all of us.

Friday nights or Saturday mornings?


What item is always in your handbag?

My handbag is not your average handbag, it consists of:
multiple different cables, chargers, laptop, side cutters, then you have your normal stuff, wallet, phone, makeup and keys.

Wow, that is a serious handbag collection, I am honestly pretty impressed. Forget the gym and carry Sanoja’s handbag instead…

Keep on keepin’ on,


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