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I try to get to as many events as I possibly can, to meet others, catch up with the locals and feel more inspired.

I was running a little late from a few things I had going on in Terrigal, a little north of Sydney.

When you are presenting, the main thing you want to do is focus on is being super engaging, it makes a massive difference. You want to be relatable as well to your audience.

The main thing that really stood out for me, was about the culture and the people side of it.

To engender a culture that was about schools and not a prison when it comes to security.

A few other things that were mentioned were that tech can’t fix people problems.

Get the right people in front of your company to influence why security is not just some tech guy’s problem, but the business overall.

It was mentioned that some people are better at doing that, then the others – get creative on how you are delivering your message.

You want to get the culture talking and start a conversation about security that will continuously evolve.

KB’s Recommendation:

If you are a working in a risk related role, cyber security or are generally interested in learning more about risk, I would recommend you turn up.

I will add this to my list of tech events in Sydney. You can find the list here.

If you are hosting a great meet-up, I’d love to hear from you.

Keep on keepin’ on,


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