When powers combine, you can create something even better together. Karissa Breen Industries (KBI) and Engenesis believe working in partnership will foster technology start-up innovation. Both companies will work in concert to bring new and creative solutions to the start-up world.

Engenesis CEO, Ashkan Tashvir cultivates the belief that entrepreneurship has a major role now in carving out the future. Ashkan is passionate about enhancing performance for entrepreneurial companies who want to make a difference in the world.

KBI Founder, Karissa Breen, holds a strong mindset towards helping start-ups build engagement through engineered marketing. This metrics-driven approach has data science behind the content creation and distribution to generate exponential awareness, engagement, and growth.Together, the combination will be changing the start-up game in how they are created, streamlined, and launched into the already competitive and aggressive technology start-up space. What you can expect to see is more collaborative content around practical advice for tech start-ups in social videos, guides, plus free events in the months to come.

Stay tuned!


Engenesis works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to build and launch technology ventures. Through the Venture Building model, they provide startups with not only funding and training programs, but also pre-assembled product design and development teams to support startups to go from idea to sustainable venture faster, leaner and with less risk. Startups can also obtain funding through the Engenesis Accelerator Funding Program.


KBI is an engineered marketing agency that specialises in the cyber security and tech start-up space to exponentially grow companies brand and traction within the market. Get commercial faster.



Ariya Chittasy | Engenesis, Director ariya@engenesis.com
Cameron Perry | KBI, Client Services Director cam@karissabreenindustries.com