Today, we announce the official partnership between Karissa Breen Industries (KBI) and the Australian chapter of Alliance Media Group (AMG) to bring on a new approach to the event arena within technology.

Both KBI and AMG believe in opening real, valuable conversations between industry peers. A unique, inverted approach to traditional events models has seen enterprise users tabling their current and relevant concerns to AMG, and AMG in turn providing the appropriate vendors and service providers to present on the day. This means the content that is delivered is answering the real questions users are asking, and is closing the gap that has been cause of a disconnect for so long.

This style of event is the first to land in the Australian and New Zealand region, but this is not the first event to take place in other parts of the world. With the success rates of each regional event, AMG’s vision is to branch out to this part of the world and do the exact same but this time, its amplified.

With the backing of KBI to boost the reach and grow the brand within Australia and New Zealand, we believe new opportunities will open for not only vendors and service providers, but also to enterprise users to better understand the landscape and build more informing relationships.

With the first event kicking off on April 4th for CIO’s followed by another event on April 11th aimed at CISO’s, these are the first events of many to be installed across Australia and New Zealand.

Keep an eye out for insights into how these events are delivered, or to be apart of it, please reach out to: