Our Story

It seems like a million years ago I started writing an industry blog for the security industry to increase my profile in the industry. It was a slow start, but I gained some traction, and the odd comment from someone caught me off-guard when they mentioned they’d read something. This grew. Fast. I then established myself on LinkedIn. That grew faster. Before I knew it, I’d gone all-in and went out on my own, with a plan to continue to grow my profile in the market, and help other people and business do the same. By speaking with experts, bring some into the company as we grew, and synthesising a broad range of skill-sets under one roof, we have been able to evolve our strategies and refine our approach to be amongst the best in the world at creating engineered growth for our clients.
We focus on building engagement plans for our clients. We are specialists inside the security and emerging technology field and understand the nuances and fundamentals of ICT that give us a unique ability to create the proper level of content. Irrespective of whether you’re an individual looking to conquer your professional niche, a start-up wanting to take-off and really make a splash, or an enterprise hoping to build engagement with your staff or customer base – KBI creates the content that builds this engagement.
We have developed an enviable media platform that provides us visibility to security specialists around the globe, and every month we engage with an audience that’s over ~500,000 impressions. We use that to help catapult the organisations we love, and fast-track their engagement success.

It’s a crowded marketplace and KBI works with you to find a unique voice.

Clients We Help

We create engagement. KBI works with Individuals, Start-ups, and Enterprise businesses to create amazing content-first marketing & communications strategies. Our production company, Stilt, delivers full-production content, and we make sure distrubution is targeted and precise across social, and that you have your own optimised ecosystem to provide engagement and inbound leads.
If you’re a business, we bring you customers. As a start-up, we provide the foundational machinery and evergreen content you need to create those first vital inbound leads. For larger technical organisations, we create premium content that will set you apart from your competitors.
Our work with individuals is to help them develop their personal branding. Using the methods we’ve created and honed for Fortune 500’s, we work with you to establish your true footprint. Our collaboration helps thought-leaders and outliers own their careers, develop their networks and visiblity, and earn more.

People We Can’t Help

We believe in what we do. We know we can help most businesses launch their start-up, and we help enterprise master their content strategy and creation. We build exceptional Personal Branding strategies for individuals. Of course, we can’t help everyone with every project…
While we let the data do the talking, we’re still producing creative solutions to complex problems – the perfect recipe for difference of opinion. While we always work with our clients, and totally embrace and work through their ideas, it’s important that works both ways. If you have a really fixed idea of what you want, you might be better hiring a videographer or writer – a passive service that will record and commit to whatever you point at. Our strategies work, but they do require trust and patience from clients. If you’re looking for ‘quick wins’ we can’t help. If you’re looking for sustained, methodical, and effective content-first marketing; absolutely.