Are You Ready To Engage?

How do you connect with your audience in a world competing for that very same attention?

Whether sales & marketing, internal communications, or improving public perception, it’s all about engagement. That means connecting on a human level. Enterprise or start-up, B2B or B2C, the reality is everything is P2P*.

KBI helps businesses connect with their audience and build true engagement while letting technology and automation do the heavy lifting. Less administrative work and just genuine conversations with the people that matter to you. We couple this with unique insights from your own data, as well as overall industry trends to help fuel intelligent decision-making.

*Person-to-Person, not Peer-to-Peer for the techies!

Combined with the production and delivery team of our subsidiary, Stilt Creative, we create the strategy and execute dynamic and effective modern marketing & communications campaigns centred on technical writing, podcasts, and full-production video content.

If you’re ready to accelerate your growth and smash through current plateaus; we’ve got you.



Targeted Audiences For Targeted Results

We help security and emerging tech businesses connect to their audience through digital platforms – amplifying the right messaging to the right people, and using hard data to get insight into what’s working.

We build datasets, distribution automation, and produce engaging content to draw your ideal audience in. We remove the “sales” approach with awareness, education and story-telling, creating advocates and inbound leads.

By taking your audience on a journey through innovative digital content, they are pre-sold, and ready to buy-in. That means higher conversion rates and fewer inefficient resources needed.

It’s Time For Your Business To Blast Off!

Digital Solutions To Real-World Problems


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